Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rafters, Burgers, & Beer

With the roof gone, the next big step was to put up new supports & rafters.

Ok, I'm sure the next big step was actually to take a whole bunch of measurements, come up with a plan, and start cutting boards, but we're skipping all of that.

Of course, I caught Uncle Steve standing on the very top of the little ladder many times...

The top of the ladder which clearly states:
Eh. He's Uncle Steve - he's got to know what he's doing. Right?

They cut into the side of the house to provide a stable place to put up the support. The cool thing was that you could see the backside of the plaster laths and keys with the siding gone:And the lack of insulation - but who needs insulation? Right?

With the support beam in place, the rafters started going up:

Then really sturdy subflooring boards and roofing felt went down over the rafters.
And then we were done for the day - it had been a long day and Pop & Uncle Steve (being spectacularly awesome) were ready for a break:

Burgers and beers. Good way to end the day. Tomorrow - coming home to a brand-spankin'-new-leak-proof-metal-roof!

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