Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paper Towel Dispensers

In the (very scary) sandwich shoppe bathroom, there were two towel dispensers. I say, "were" because they have since joined the trash heap after having been pried open with a screw driver.
Considering all of the water damage in the sandwich shoppe - I was actually quite surprised to find dry paper towels in perfect condition on the inside.
And, of course, the Professor found a set of keys hanging on a nail after I spent plenty of time prying the paper towel dispensers open...
Now, why am I blogging about paper towel dispensers? First - I'm crazy. But you already knew that. Second - I kind of like the little keys. In fact, I like older scrolly skeleton keys in general, but these will work. I am toying with the idea of finding some crafty way to display them in the future.. Maybe. I like keys and it would be nice to have keys from the sandwich shoppe. Maybe I'll have a little key display with antique keys some day? Who knows... I've seen key displays on other blogs that I've really liked in the past. Oooo! What about a key mobile... Hmm. I'll have to play - in the distant, far off future - when I have time to play. Ha!


  1. ooo! They ARE cool keys!
    I like this method of displaying them:

    (but you probably already saw that) :)

    Also... you're not alone. I think it's pretty amazing that the paper towels stayed dry as well!

  2. Thanks! I saw it and considered including it in the post, but that was extra work. Down with extra work!


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