Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Classroom of Champions

...or a trapped group of crazy 10th and 11th graders...
Posted expectations:

The students think the desks are their personal trash bins...The sad, empty Dr. Seuss bulletin board...
Student posters that need to go up on bulletin boards and walls...Posted bell schedules:
The heathens broke the off button on the AC unit today...
Corner of shame: (note the whooping stick in the corner of shame)I'm kidding... the stick is to turn the the AC on and off... or it was...

A way for students to complain anonymously AND LOTS OF MARKERS/CRAYONS/COLORED PENCILS!!!!

A gazillion awesome maps - I haven't quite figured out if there is an easy way to get to the bottom of the maps...All of the papers that should be in my very empty filing cabinet...
My corner:

Behind the desk:AWESOME FLAG (woodcut from Ben Franklin's Albany Plan for colonial unity during the French & Indian War)

The scary Civil War lamp that actually looks at home in the classroom...Reminders to the teacher:Giant eraser & pen (gift from another teacher on my first day)...Extra pens and pencils for all of the students who forget or lose theirs:Balls to be tossed around the room during games:And finally...


  1. Very nice! And you haven't used the beating stick yet? It's been like 3 weeks! ;)
    I see a new window is in your future! I like the outfit!

  2. I like this post for several reasons.
    a.) I get to see that you're rockin' the teacher gig
    and b.) you're blogging again!


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