Monday, September 28, 2009

Blanket Land

One of the best things to do after spending time in the rain is to curl up on a couch with a hot drink and lots of blankets:
Of course, four year olds help in the recovery process as well!

And if you're going to be surrounded by blankets, you might as well build a fort out of them!


  1. mmmm... I miss blanketland. It was a nice warm place. Where naps with your sister-in-law were allowed and maybe even encouraged. That was the best nap I've had in a long time. Even if I was worried about your poor squished feet. ;) Thanks for making us frolic in the rain. It was totally worth it. ;)

  2. That nap was superbly wonderful - and my feet weren't squished - they just wanted to be free (i.e. not on the couch)... I'm glad you had fun frolicking in the rain :). Check Theresa's facebook. There's a really sweet picture of you kissing Rob under the umbrella.


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