Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Small Town Details (Part II)

The following are some of my favorite buildings in town.

Teal and purple house with matching outbuildings (there are more behind the house that arent' shown here):
And a door that leads to nowhere...I don't really like the iron fence around that house though. I prefer white picket fences:
Such as the one in front of the Yellow Victorian:With the super awesome fan above the GIANT porch:
And matching outbuildings of course:
Another door that leads to nowhere:
And this is my favorite door in town:

Ooo, pretty!And finally, this is my favorite, "Please, just let me fix you up!" house:

I love the double doors:
Poor shutters...
I love the eyebrows over the windows too, but they all need a paint job!

That's it for now. I'll try to lay off the houses and architectural details for a while. :)

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  1. Please don't lay off the houses and their beautiful details! I loooove it. We're going to have to go walking this weekend! :)


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