Monday, August 17, 2009

NOBODY Expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

Tonight was Back to School Night. You know, that night right before school starts when your parents drag you around and make you meet all of your teachers and find your classroom.

That's what I remembered. Let me give you my new perspective on Back to School Night from the viewpoint of a teacher...

It went something like this:

I shook students' and parents' hands, smiled a whole lot, answered the multitude of questions thrown my way, smiled more, and tried very hard to match up every face with a name (I can only remember 2 at this point...). What materials will my son/daughter need? How can I contact you if I have any questions? You let me know if he/she starts falling behind - I'll set him/her straight!

All was dandy. Peachy keen. Then, the Spanish Inquisition arrived in the form of the honors parent.
Not sure what I'm talking about? Well click HERE to be fully exposed to the Spanish Inquisition, Monty Python style!

The dreaded Honors parents. In this case, it was really only one parent - and he wouldn't go away - even though there were other parents right behind him waiting their turn.

He grilled me about my teaching methods, my content knowledge, and my curriculum framework. Will the content be disjointed? What themes/concepts are you planning on using? What exactly will you be covering during the semester? I appreciate that he was involved and interested, but I wasn't prepared for the third degree. I pulled most of my answers out of the air. But, man, let me tell you - I'm going to be very careful with Honors parents in the future - lest I end up on a rack...

Oh, and just for fun. Click HERE if you were entertained by the previous clip.


  1. Yikes!!! I'm sure you rocked it, though. :) And I bet his kid is pretty average, and quite embarrassed. If the father is so concerned should he consider home school? If he can do it better... have at it! ;)

    People are crazy, you know?

    I had a patient grouch at me yesterday "This is all very PERSONAL" when I was getting her social history before doing her pap smear. Um... yeah... ?

  2. Wouldn't the rack make you taller? It worked for Gonzo!


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