Thursday, July 23, 2009

We've Got Mail!

When we first bought the house, the previous landlord informed us that we would have to get a P.O. Box at the Post Office.

P.O. Box?!?! What the?!?! This isn't a city! We live in a house! A big house in the middle of a small town. In the Professor's words, "That's FOOLISHNESS!"

Why? Well we also live on the main road of our small town. The road that has not just one, but TWO (count them) stop lights. It's actually a pretty busy road and there are cars parked all up and down it on either side. So... I guess that it might be difficult to safely deliver mail on the main stretch of downtown small town Virginia.

Then, we noticed that our neighbors in the pretty purple house next to ours have a mailbox on the side street that goes between our house and there house. So, we reasoned that if they get mail delivered on the side street, then so can we!

We took a trip to the Post Office, which is located all of a block away, and asked the nice man at the counter if we could get our mail delivered like our neighbors. He said "Probably." Probably? What's the catch? The lady who delivers the mail will only deliver it to us if our mailbox is on the other side of the street next to our neighbor's mail box and only as long as our driveway or our neighbors driveway is open so that she can turn around easily.

Seriously?! Isn't it her job to deliver the mail? Can she really be that picky and cranky about it?

Yes. She can. Apparently. Grr.

So we asked our neighbors if they would be kind enough to allow us to put a mailbox in next to their mail box. Being nice people, and having dealt with the cranky mail lady, they agreed.
Yeah! Now we can receive mail. It's like we live in a real house.

Wait a second. Is our mail box twice the size of our neighbor's mail box?

Dang it! It is!
The Professor's response, "I got the STANDARD size mail box. The box it came in says 'standard'!"


  1. HAHA!! That is HILLARIOUS!
    Crazy mail people...

    I wonder if the neighbors feel that they receive inadequate amounts of mail to justify a standard sized mailbox... or maybe they didn't want to overwhelm that (clearly) *overworked* mail carrier. ;)

  2. Yeah. Heaven forbid the woman should have to get out of her vehicle and walk across the street. The street is like half the width of a normal street! So sad.


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