Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mini "Hall"

I had about 1/5 of gallon of Olive Gray paint left after painting the downstairs hall, upstairs landing, and dining room.

Where, I thought to myself, can I use the rest of this paint?

OH! I've got it!

That totally unnecessary mini "hall" that cuts into the dining room! It leads to the downstairs bathroom and the living room.

It is 2 x 3 feet. And, yes, it's a "hall."

I think the dining room was once used as a bedroom, so they cordoned it off from the living room...

This "hall" contains 3 doorways. No, really. They are narrow doorways, but still. Notice, two of the door frames actually touch each other:

The door frames were plain wood, so I painted them white. I'm a big fan of white trim.

And I used ALL of the olive gray paint! There was just enough!

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