Monday, July 27, 2009

20-Year-Old Sofas

Almost all of the furniture that we own was free. It is either hand-me-down furniture that our parents gave to us when we moved out or it is furniture which the Professor's extended family has found on the side of the road and brought to us. Many thanks!

That being said, I would like to assure you that all of our matresses are new. Phew! See, you can visit without fear.

Right. On with the sofas.

In total, we have five sofas, a recliner, and a foldable futon couch/bed. Pretty ridiculous, but we have the space for it. Three of the sofas are a matching set from my parents. My parents bought them about 20 years ago while living in Georgia. At the time, my mom was pregnant with my little sister.

They had been in the sofa store for a few hours when my mom, tired, sat down on a sofa without even looking at it. It was so comfortable, she decided right then and there that they would buy it. My father, who is color blind, agreed right away because he thought it was kind of pretty. My mother, taking her first look at the couch, had an "Oh dear, it's paisley and turquoise..." moment. Ultimately, though, they bought the couches. This is what the upholstery looked like when it was brand new:
You know you want it :P I think I'll have wallpaper made in that design and plaster my whole house with it... *cough* You can only understand this purchase if you have ever had the chance to sit on one of the couches. Most comfortable couches ever. Everyone falls asleep on these couches. Everyone. I slept on them two summers in a row between college semesters (I didn't have a room in the house).

However, after 20 years of abuse from four kids and two dogs, there were rips all over the cushions and all of those really bright turquoise and pink colors faded to look more like these yet to be covered pillows:
I wanted to cover up the old fabric, but I don't really like sofa slip covers because you constantly have to tuck them in and shift them around. So, about a year ago, I ordered a dark burgandy fabric from an online fabric wholesale store for about $3 a yard. I still have plenty of the fabric left over: Armed with scissors, fabric tape, a sewing machine and a staple gun, I covered all three couches, cushions, the ottoman, and the Professor's recliner.They are looking a little rough after the move. Some of the fabric was pulled away or has frayed a little, but I'll fix it.For the past year the couches have been propped up on mismatched legs that constantly fell out and 2x4's. No more. We picked up some angles and sturdy wooden legs from Lowes and installed new legs with grippies on the bottom. The couches don't even move when I flop down on them!

Now I just have to figure out how to cover the plaid couch and the pink couch.


  1. you are AMAZING! That is some darn good upholstery work, missy! :)

  2. It is only amazing until you see the back of the couch and some of the edges... then it looks like a 5 year old did it!

  3. the concentration tongue was seen A LOT this past weekend.

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