Monday, June 29, 2009

Railing Evidence

Both the upper and lower porch used to have a railing. I'm not sure why the lower railing was ever removed, but I know that the previous owner removed the upper railing because it was unstable. He feared some tenant would lean against it and tumble to the street below.

We have to put in a new railing for the upper porch. The insurance company says so. That means we have to start considering railings posts and types... The upper porch area also needs to get sanded down and repainted. It's a wee bit rusty.But that is a project for another day - like in autumn when it won't be so stinkin' hot outside.

I'm unsure about putting in a railing on the lower porch. I like how open and big it feels. If we put in a railing down there, will it feel closed off? It's something to consider.

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