Friday, June 12, 2009

Laundry Lines

I was really excited to use my laundry lines for the first time today!

Of course, I used them to hang up my drop clothes... which are actually giant plastic airbags that have been cut into giant squares (courtesy of the always awesome Uncle Steve)... but let's not get picky!

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  1. A drop cloth is a drop cloth as I always say! Whatever gets the job done right? When I was redoing my "olde" house, I used a quilting of well place cut up trash bags and a tarp! I noticed your scary-long to do list and noticed you want to find a crown moulding to match your base board. I'm your neighbor in Muggy, GA and when I was remodeling also needed a particular crown moulding and found these people out of Florida to be extremely helpful in finding exactly what I needed. Happy remodeling!


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