Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hard to Reach?

When painting a house with high ceilings, there can be a lot of hard to reach places.

They are hard to reach or awkward to paint...
But not impossible. I love how whoever painted last time didn't bother to paint all the way into the area where the stair banister turns at the top. There are a lot of places they never bothered to paint... OOO COBWEBS!!
See! The crown molding is still plain wood at the end. It was one of my "SERIOUSLY?!?!" moments.

It was hard to reach and see what I was painting, but somehow I managed.
Then there was the corner above the stairs. The really high up corner. I was not happy being on top of that ladder, but I had to hand edge that window and the corner area. Argh.

Having taken care of the corner, I still couldn't reach the rest of the area above the stairs.

The solution? An edger on the end of a really long pole. It's harder than it looks.

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