Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farewell Hair

Once upon a time, there was a girl with some frizzy, wild hair.

One day the girl got sick of the hair and decided it had to go. She went to a hair dresser and had it all chopped off. This incident became formally known as the Haircut Disaster of 2002. Realizing what a terrible thing she had done, the girl swore off short hair from that day on. She couldn't stand inflicting the masses with such a terrible fate again. If the girl was going to get the man of her dreams, she needed enough hair to actually look like a girl.So from 2002-2009, The girl only occasionally trimmed her hair. She shunned scissors and fire--fearing that more disasters might ensue.

The girl liked her hair long. She could do lots of interesting things with her hair.

She could tie it in a knot. She could wear it in a bow. She could compete with Lara Croft and Princess Leia.But then, one day after a shower, the girl took a good look at her hair. And decided it had become freakishly long. Any longer and she would start calling herself Rapunzel.
Before she could second-guess herself, the girl grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting.

10 inches later (keep in mind that it's curling):
Much better!

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  1. You DO look beautiful with your new "Short" hair. :)


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