Monday, June 22, 2009

Anniversary Gift

My mother was a pastry chef. So naturally, she has pastry chef standards.

So when I suggested that I would follow tradition and probably just freeze a piece of my wedding cake and save it for our first anniversary, she blanched.

She could not allow such an atrocity to befall such a delicious and perfectly made cake! The marvelous White Chocolate White Chocolate Mousse Cake came from the Swiss Bakery, after all, where they use REAL butter. Not nasty Crisco. Standards people. Follow the pastry chef code.

Being the sweet mother that she is, and keeping to the code of the Pastry Chef, she forbid frozen 1 year old cake and instead brought us a fresh cake. Thanks, Mom.

Even if we may have broken the pastry chef code a little by handing you a saw to cut the cake with... It was clean!

And even if we didn't have any utensils at the house. We ate classic wedding style! Look, it matches my living room!
Also, being the sweet mother that she is, she brought me blue hydrangeas and a whole bunch of Lysamachia (Goosenecks) - both prominent flowers at my wedding.
I love goosenecks! She brought me gooseneck roots so that I can start my own patch of mildly invasive goosenecks on the shady side of my house.



  1. I think it's kind of appropriate that you used a saw to cut your anniversary cake... since you used a sword to cut your wedding cake! ;)

  2. We also flip burgers with a machete. We just can't stick to normal utensils. See:


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