Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Smear Campaign

I return from my weekend reconnaissance trip with intelligence of the most disturbing and important nature. Brace yourselves.

Mrs. Five Camel's future plans:Yes.. I took this picture at great risk to life and limb. I'm positive that she made that necklace herself.

I would have written to warn you sooner, but Mrs. Five Camels, in her infinite evil wisdom, saw fit to have me kidnapped by her ugly winged camel thugs and banished to the desert:You go in for a little spying, recon, and girly time (with cake!), and what do you get!?!?! DEHYDRATION!

Wait, what happened to Sherlock? Elementary, my dear Watson, err... readers. He didn't make it:AND while I was traipsing through the desert, hallucinating about water, and trying to make my way back to protect you poor folk from her evil ways, she loosed a monster on the countryside!! I tell you, she's gone mad! She has no qualms about DE-stroying the poor little peasants:Instead, she is gleefully watching the chaos, mayhem, destruction, and blood from her blog window as Trogdor tromps around burninating the peasants, countryside, and cottages. I'll try to be more vigilant next time and protect you all from the horror of consummate Vees.

Not cool, Mrs. FC. Not cool at all.
You should be ashamed!
Poor civilian/peasant casualties of the blog war.

Worry not, peasants. I vow to set things straight and FOIL her plot for world domination!! (see "Mission" under Shoppe Keeper for confirmation.)

I'll get you for this, Mrs. FC!! (my pretty?)Bring it!

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  1. oh dear! I'm shaking in my boots! (or sparkly red shoes as the case may be)


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